Who I am ?

What an honor to be the first to share my experiences here about United Bull Traders.

I am Corry and have been working with cryptocurrency for a few years. I am also open to new coins, because I know that there are coins that have increased enormously in value and that I now regret that I did not purchase a number of them at the time.
As soon as the website came online, I immediately bought my first UNB Plan. I see it as a kind of HOLDEN of the UNB coin, over which I earn rewards every day.

I also immediately bought this Plan to receive my Referral Rewards from a super nice team who also get their rewards.

I like to help people to earn money online. Then I ask them if they are interested in a program where you can generate an extra income with or without a team, because a Plan B is always good to have in addition to your normal income. It also gives you more peace if your normal income is a bit less, especially in this Corona time …..

If people are interested I always invite them to follow a webinar. And I tell you step by step more about United Bull traders, usually via messenger or Whatsapp.

From active team members that I already have I receive daily rewards in UNB coins which is already quite high. When the exchange is online, expect more people to join United Bull Traders.

I see that in the future many more people will work with this type of platform.

Working where you want, when you want and with whom you want… I call it CoReFreedom.

United Bull Traders also works for you!


Happy Holdings,
Corry Groenheide