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Bitcoin benefits

After a dip prior to Chinese New Year, Bitcoin is back on the road again. We are seeing rising prices and a positive market. Ironically, besides technical indicators, it is mainly the Corona virus that seems to be playing to the coin doing well. We put the details in a list.

Bitcoin benefits from the Corona virus

It’s always crude, but in times of global tension, Bitcoin benefits. We see the same effects around the outbreak of the Corona virus. Because many people in China choose to stay indoors, the Chinese New Year is celebrated less exuberantly than usual. As a result, fewer people have had to sell their crypto coins for New Year’s gifts. Other factors also indicated that the impact of Chinese New Year would be less than in other years.
In addition, the situation surrounding the Corona virus in China is still unclear. Since the crypto market in China is large and public life (and thus the use of fiat money) has come to a halt, Bitcoin seems to be gaining in popularity.

Technical indicators are also positive

The recovery of prices also has a positive effect on the technical indicators. For example, the unknown Bitcoin Guppy indicator is green for the first time in 300 days. The last time this happened, on April 9 last year, a rally followed. Also before that, in 2018 there was a strong price increase. Of course, crypto trading isn’t for guppies, so luckily there are more indicators, like the Puell multiple, that confirm the positive sentiment. The more advanced ‘Mayer Multiple’ is also bullish.

What does this mean for the Bitcoin price?

So it seems that the Bitcoin is preparing for the next rally with rising prices as a result. Not everyone is completely happy with that. For example, Bitcoin legend Gavin Andresen wonders whether Satoshi Nakamoto has not misjudged the price effect.


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It’s that time again, there is mass hysteria. There is actually panic. Women in India fight each other out of the store to hoard toilet paper, mouth masks can no longer be obtained and are sold at extortionate prices and KLM sees the price of its shares plummet to an all-time low.

Yes, of course we are talking about the coronavirus, the buzzword of 2020. It is of course a serious virus and the extent to which the number of victims or infected is increasing seems to spread like an oil slick around the world. Today, the death toll stands at several thousand people. That is of course terrible, especially when it concerns someone you know. Calculated fully, about 78 people die every day. And that causes panic. A lot of panic.

At the same time, more than 5,000 people die of hunger every day. Since 5,000 people have been starving every day for a hundred years, that is no longer exciting news and the whole world is holding its breath for the corona virus. Why is that? Why is the coronavirus so busy and what is the context between coronavirus and Bitcoin?

The financial world is currently shaking to its foundations and there is a run on gold. Coolblue increases its prices and can deliver less quickly. The Chinese economy is under considerable pressure and tourism is declining enormously. But what exactly is the effect? How is corona and the Bitcoin rate doing? And what do we know today about corona?

Whether you’re in the office or at home quarantine, it’s time for an in-depth analysis of the most current trend of the moment: #coronavirus # COVID-19.

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After a very impressive increase in Bitcoin (BTC) towards the $ 10,000 at the start of this year, we are seeing strong reactions around this level. With a lot of volume and large orders, bears are starting to defend the $ 10,000. Because of this, it seems that for the optimistic bulls, there is no longer an easy road to the top. After a lot of resistance and rejection, the price seems to hold up reasonably well at around $ 9,600. An important support as resistance. If this does not last, it does not seem impossible that the price will again fall below $ 9,000. Since reaching $ 10,000 at the start of this month, the rate makes it difficult with breaking a major resistance around $ 10,500. After testing this resistance several times, the price had a big blow. With the fall of $ 1,000 within a candle towards $ 9,000, the $ 10,000 break seems to be further away. Although the price seems to be holding up strongly at the moment, just below a major resistance of $ 9,600. Breaking this can again cause a push upwards. Looking at the Bitcoin daily chart, we see the strong reaction to not breaking $ 10,500, with a eventually small recovery. Looking back, we see that this level around $ 9,600 in November 2019 was a very strong but also a difficult point for the rate. This resistance did not break back then and caused a major setback and fall towards $ 6,000. It is a very important level in the short term for the course. Source: BITCOIN magazine NL


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