Nice to have or to give: a “real” UNB coin. On this site we write a lot about the new developments of United Bull Traders. Hence, when we go online, we will also have the physical UNB Coin. This UNB Coin has the same value as the value on the exchange. But you can’t really pay with it. The UNB coin is – just like any other cryptocurrency – a digital currency. After all, the value of a unit is determined by the supply and demand for and from a digital currency and the total number of units available within the relevant blockchain. this means that there are no physical coins that can be used as cryptocurrency. Of course it is nice to have a “real” UNB Coin, as a collector’s item. This is especially true when the value of the UNB coin rises extremely. Although a physical crypto coin with a private key is therefore not practical, we at United Bull Traders still find it a very nice to have a “real” UNB coin because of our enthusiasm for cryptocurrency. With this coin in your wallet you can say that you own one or more UNB coins. Nice to have but also to give as a gift! If you would also like to have or give such a “real” UNB coin, you can order it via the contact form on this site.