Our motto is “Trade like a pro, even if you are a beginner”. We offer everyone the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency, with or without experience. Together with our professionals, we look at the possibilities to make your assets grow. In the promotional movie it quickly becomes clear what United Bull Traders stand for. It is a very engaging video that leaves nothing to chance. Finally the time has come. The hard work has been rewarded. United Bull Traders is actually online. What we have been looking forward to, together has now become reality. In addition to that, the website is 99% ready and people can view our products. Gerard Haisma is proud when he is explaining the website. With the team in the Netherlands and India, we have succeeded in building a high-quality website and platform. This really meets the highest safety requirements. For weeks we tested and made changes to meet all of the safety requirements. “The platform has been integrated in the website and members can easily register here and create a login. Everything you want to know about your own account can be found on the platform. Unified Bull Traders is a new Cryptocurrency platform with its own wallet. On the site you can read the latest news items and follow the prices of important coins on the platform. And of course the most important is the value of the UNB Coin. This started with a value of $ 0.30. As one of the first in crypto land, United Bull Traders also has its physical UNB currency. In a market that will change dramatically in the coming years, United Bull Traders also offers multiple forms of products so that people can invest in the UNB coin in different ways.