Bitcoin profiteert

Mid January 2020, the recordings were made for the first company presentation of United Bull Traders. These recordings were made at Kerckebosch Castle. Gerard Haisma brand director Europe recorded the presentation in Dutch and in English. “It is important that people understand the explanation well and that is why we have chosen to include an English version in addition to the Dutch presentation.” This according to Gerard Haisma. Because the registrations as a VIP Member of the United Bull Traders were going incredibly quickly, it was decided to include this video presentation in addition to the usual webinars.”People can view this presentation at any time when it suits them on their tablet or phone. That’s also the time we live in. And so we will record multiple video presentations in the future and provide our members with new information. ” As Gerard Haisma explains. Soon there will be a number of new presentation videos in which Gerard Haisma explains the fantastic product of United Bull Traders.

Video Presentatie