First prize networker UNB

Last week we announced the first winners of the United Bull Traders.

The United Bull Traders platform has a very varied program; there is something for everyone. For the professional, the beginner trader, but also for people who do not want to trade for themselves. There is a pleasant mix of different products for young and old. There are products for people who want to start a future plan, or who want to achieve a nice return without too much worry. But there is also a difference in the investment packages from United Bull Traders. This way you can make an investment from $ 250 and still achieve a 4% return.

United Bull Traders is doing better than ever… Many new people are signing up and creating an account on the site of

In recent weeks, several people from United Bull Traders have introduced new participants. The persons who brought in the most participants received a reward for this. Ranging from 250 UNB to 1000 UNB.

We are happy with the efforts of these participants. Together we are strong and can further enlarge the platform.

Maybe next week you’ll be in the top three prize winners…