May 1, 2020 on the exchange

UNB tradable on the exchange on May 1, 2020

The time has come… UNB will soon be tradable on the stock exchange. From May 1, 2020 deposits on the crypto exchange are possible. This news would allow us to attract more potential customers to purchase UNB and this could be extremely beneficial to the price.

Buy UNB now and receive an extra 10%

Until May 1, 2020, buyers of the UNB receive an extra 10% to UNB when they make an investment in 1 of the three investment plans of 4.6 of 8%. In these plans you fix the UNB for a minimum period of 6 months.

UNB is not yet on sale for just $ 0.30 and is expected to increase in value after the UNB is tradable. “Because most investments were made in the 6-month investment plans, we expect direct value to rise,” said Gerard Haisma, UNB sales director.

Separately, the UNB will be tradable on multiple exchanges. As a result, UNB will gain brand awareness worldwide and the demand for UNB will also increase worldwide. And especially if the UNB is in the green figures.

“We are proud that we succeeded in making the UNB tradable on our own exchange within a relatively short period of time. In a period of uncertainty due to the corona virus, we too had to deal with the negative consequences of Lock Downs in other countries ”.

United Bull Traders started last year with the start-up of its own and unique platform. CEO Pieter explains that this platform is intended for the novice as the professional trader. In addition, people can lock the purchased coins for 6 months in 3 different investment plans. Depending on the investment, they can achieve a yield of 8% here, without having to actually trade.